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Traditional Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
Customize the Chagny
2 Lines : 
24 Colors
Several Trims
Ovens Choices
1 Gas oven (3.5 kW), 1 Elec Oven-gril (2.4kW)
1 Electric Oven with gril (2.2 Kw).
1 Elec Oven-gril (2.4kW)
2 Electric Ovens with gril (2.2 Kw).
1 Electric Oven with gril (2.2 Kw)., 1 Elec Oven-gril (2.4kW), 1 Electric Oven conv  with gril (2.65 Kw).
2 Ovens  52 to 56 liters  (depending on models).
1 Gril Oven 20 liters.
Size (W x H x D in mm): 1000 x930 x 650. 
Weight (Kg): 100 to 110 Kg (according to the options). 
220V / 60Hz Gas: 28mBar in accordance with the Filipino standard.

Vertical Left or Right Cabinets
Neutral Cupboard
Warming Cupboard
Hobs Type
5 gas burners with a French Plate: 5kW, 2x 3kW, 4kW and 1,5kW.
Radiant: 2x2.1kW (210mm),
                 2x dual rings 1kW/2.1Kw 140/210 mm.
                 1 dual ring on the center 2kw 170x265mm
Induction:  2 x 145 mm 1,4kW (booster 1.8Kw)
                     2 x 200 mm 1,85kW (booster 2.5Kw)
                     Center  270 mm 1,4kW (booster 3.3Kw)
5 gas burners: 5kW, 2x 3kW, 4kW and 1,5kW.
Options are available for stoves with a width greater than 1 meter.
Ask assistance for your final design, technical information, other options, specific requests.