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Project & Bespoke
Why a project:
Because your kitchen is unique, La Marmite will put you in contact with professional actors.
Charvet have experience since several generations
You’re a Restaurant, Resort, School, Hospital, Caterer… Let’s define a project in accordance with your inspiration. 
Charvet design, built and realize installations for multiple professionals, in accordance with your culinary style , the production dictated, motion of your staff… 
A project can concern Charvet appliances, a specific Virtuose piano, and associated other brands. 
How to Realize a Kitchen Project:
La Marmite will assist you from the first draft of your idea, until the switch on of your piano or kitchen. 
Actors are Filipinos and Frenchs, you know who do what during the project. La Marmite staff will assist you. If your establishment work only with accredited sub contactors by your company, La Marmite can also manage installation with your favorite team. 

Recommended Process: