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Professional Appliances from France
Ambassade de Bourgogne boasts an impressive range of cooking equipment for chefs, caterers and small and medium-sized institutions. All 
the materials we use comply with EU directives and are designed for intensive use, fully meeting the needs and specificities of each place 
where they’re installed. So all considered, it’s not surprising we have such an outstanding range of products on offer. 

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Reliable, simple, robust, efficient.
Designed and manufactured by Société Industrielle de Lacanche in the heart of Burgundy, a region renowned for its cuisine and metalwork, 
our products are used by many establishments throughout Europe – more than 100,000 to be precise. 
Ambassade de Bourgogne’s professional cooking equipment is well-known for being simple, reliable and robust. These qualities are 
essential in ensuring that the people who use it are able to do so easily, as well as maintain it with little effort, year after year. Our products 
are also designed with the aim of simplifying maintenance and ensuring they work at their very best well into the future. 

Innovation and tradition – the secrets behind our know-how.
Research and innovation are at the very core of what Ambassade de Bourgogne does. That’s why we’re constantly seeking out new 
technical solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of our equipment. 
Our gas laboratory was one of the very first in Europe to be officially authorised to certify professional gas appliances. 
Société Industrielle de Lacanche, the designer and manufacturer of Ambassade de Bourgogne’s products, has held the prestigious ‘Living 
Heritage Company’ label, awarded by the French Ministry for Economic Affairs, since 2010.