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www.lamarmite.pro  www.lamarmite.ph
Traditional Appliances for Kitchen
High Tech Appliances for Kitchen
Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
Who is La Marmite ?
La Marmite sells Kitchen Appliances in the Philippines to Professionals and to Personal Users.  
Traditional Kitchen Appliances, Cooking Ranges, Outdoor Cooking Ranges, directly imported from the factory in Europe.

Why La Marmite in Philippines ?
Kitchen Design needs harmony with Technology, Colors, Sizes and prestigious materials.
La Marmite selects and imports traditional high-Quality Products. La Marmite is the exclusive importer for several Brands and also in contact with partners in Europe.
If you like something different and exclusive from industrial ranges, or specific color or material, discover our exclusive Brands with the French touch. 

How La Marmite can Assist you ?
First, it is important to analyze with you your culinary preferences, second to look your design recommendations and also to check the size of your kitchen. 
For you privacy reason, we prefer to invite you only in our private show room (external of our administrative office). 
During this meeting you will define and choose with us your product, color, options, trims material, specific requests…. 

You are Designers, Architects or Developers ?
No problem we can assist you. Our team is AutoCAD user. It is possible to help your team about electrical power, gas calculation and exhaust system too
Professional users :
A site survey is possible. A design department in France is available for specific projects.  

VIP projects…
Just ask, factories know how and manage and experience in 35 countries since several decades, just contact us.
Spares Parts
Spare parts are in stock in the Philippines. In case of problem, we are in privilege contact with the factories. 
For professional users, a specific contract with Pilipino company is possible too.