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Traditional Appliances for Kitchen
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Manila Head Office
Manila Head Office
Pre Register (professional only)
For several years kitchens have evolved. New equipment arrives, the needs of our customers evolve, new standards arrive, certain standards become obsolete.
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Our company proposes to organize meetings between professionals only. The interest of all is to promote rapprochement between professionals and to exchange our experiences. During this meeting we propose to you to exchange and to study the means of answering the new requests of our customers.
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Developers, Architects, Designers, Draw man, Site manager, Cabinets manufacturer, Cabinets importer, Appliances manufacturer, Appliances importer or any activity in accordance with kitchen are welcome. The meetings are organized with respect between and according to your possible instructions.
Acknowledge by automatic email return
Where ?   How ?
Upon receipt of your details, our services will contact you. Do not hesitate to send us your recommendations.
These meetings are organized at our private showroom on Pasig in Manila (parking available). A meal is planned. For reasons of conviviality, the number of participants per meeting is limited.
Sponsor, Cost.
These events are sponsored by LACANCHE Philippines. To avoid last minute cancellations, a small contribution to meal costs will be requested.